New Casiotone Digital Keyboards with Minimalist Design

Tokyo, April 7, 2021 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of the Casiotone CT-S1, a digital keyboard featuring a minimalist design crafted to gel with everyday life. The CT-S1 is the latest addition to the Casiotone line of digital keyboards, which are designed with the concept of “Make Music, Anytime, Anywhere.”

Casio is passionate about bringing the joys of music-making to as many people as possible. This is the goal that drives the development of Casiotone digital keyboards suited to various specific needs and situations. With Casiotone keyboards, Casio is constantly pioneering new concepts and always considerate of users’ increasingly diverse lifestyles.

The new CT-S1 is designed for adult users interested in incorporating music-making into their daily lives. With its minimalist design layout, made up of just the row of keys, built-in speakers and a limited selection of buttons, the unit is sure to blend in with users’ modes of living. Thanks to its slim profile, the CT-S1 is convenient for casual play at any time, in any place. Meanwhile, it still boasts the richly expressive Casio AiX Sound Source to ensure high-quality tone as well as a newly developed acoustic design that delivers impressively powerful sound output. The CT-S1 also connects to smartphones, tablets and other devices using the separately sold Bluetooth® adapter to create an even bigger world of musical enjoyment — from using the unit as a wireless speaker to playing along with favorite songs. The dedicated Chordana Play app also enables the user to change the tempo or key of songs being played, as well as to display music scores and piano roll notation, allowing every individual to practice at their own pace.

Along with the CT-S1, Casio is also announcing the release of two other new Casiotone models: the CT-S400, which features a diverse range of functions in a conveniently slim profile to offer the casual enjoyment of music to users regardless of their age or skill level, and the LK-S450, which features a key lighting system that guides users by lighting the next keys to play.

In addition to these three new models — the CT-S1, CT-S400 and LK-S450 — the Casiotone series, which was revived in 2019, will continue to expand the line-up of digital keyboards with diverse models for diverse lifestyles, always staying true to its “Make Music, Anytime, Anywhere” invitation.

Main Features of the CT-S1

Familiar Casiotone design to blend in smoothly with user lifestyles

Featuring a design layout pared down to the essentials — the row of keys, built-in speakers and a minimal selection of buttons — the look of the CT-S1 expresses the innate beauty of the keyboard as an instrument. The mixed-color fabric used for the speaker net material gives an appearance informed by interior design sensibilities. The model is offered in three color variations — white, black and red — in order to ensure a great fit for any room interior.


Beautiful, powerful tones delivered by the AiX Sound Source and new acoustic design

Created by carefully modeling the acoustic and vintage instruments used in many classic songs, 61 built-in tones come to life through AiX Sound Source. In addition to the 10 ADVANCED TONES crafted using the best of Casio technology, which each offer new possibilities in musical expression, the CT-S1 includes a special selection of 12 CASIO CLASSIC TONES presets, selected from among the many distinctive digital instruments Casio has developed over the years. In addition, the efficient spatial design delivers powerful sound brimming with a presence no one would expect from such a slim instrument by using an original horizontal bass reflex speaker system design.


Main Features of the CT-S400

User-friendly convenience with a diverse range of functions

The CT-S400 offers the casual enjoyment of music-making to users of all ages and skill levels, whether playing alone or together with friends or family. With a slim profile that allows it to be kept by the user’s side all the time, the keyboard features 600 high-quality tones, 200 rhythms and a diverse range of functions including auto-accompaniment. Even with the carefully designed limited selection of buttons, the CT-S400 still offers superior operability, thanks to its dial for intuitive selection of tones and rhythms, and the LCD screen with sharp visibility.

Main Features of the LK-S450

Musical performance made easy with a key lighting system and preloaded songs

With its 200 preloaded songs from a wide range of genres and its key lighting system that allows users to practice at their own pace, while being guided by the lighted keys, the LK-S450 ensures even first-timers will enjoy casually playing music. The keyboard can also be linked with the dedicated Chordana Play app using the separately sold Bluetooth® adapter to pair piano roll notation displayed on the screen of a smart device with the keyboard’s key lighting system to make practicing fun and easy — so easy it feels like playing a game.