Privia Celebrates it's 20th Anniversary

CASIO's digital piano series, Privia, is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and continues to evolve and adapt to modern times. With its sophisticated design, uncompromised sound, authentic touch, and innovative functions, Privia has redefined the value of the modern piano—into an instrument that seamlessly harmonizes with a range of lifestyles.

"Unleash your inner musical expression with the freedom to play your own way."
Moving forward, Privia remains committed to redefining the role of pianos as part of our daily lives, helping to usher in a renewed appreciation for the immense value that music brings to a wide variety of lifestyles.

The History of Privia

In 1980, CASIO unveiled its first electronic instrument, the "Casiotone 201 (CT-201)." CASIO’s vision of bringing the joy of music to everyone has been a consistent ideology, which has continued to be passed down since the debut of the inaugural Privia model, the "PX-100," in 2003.

Featuring a compact yet stylish aesthetic and rich sound quality, Privia has made digital pianos more accessible to everyone. Thanks to continuous refinement, the Privia series has solidified its unique position as the one and only "lifestyle piano."

 1980 - CT-201

The CT-201 was CASIO's first electronic instrument, crafted to make playing various instruments enjoyable, featuring simple controls and offering 29 preset tones at an accessible price for its time.

1988 - CDP-3000 

The CDP-3000, released in 1988, pioneered the "hammer action mechanism" for a natural key touch, distinguishing itself with beautiful tones taken from PCM sound sources.

1991 - AP-7

The AP-7, released in 1991, was the inaugural model of the "CELVIANO" series. It featured an integrated CD player and introduced digital-only functions, allowing you to play along with your favorite music.

2003 - PX-100

The PX-100, was the first ever Privia model, and proudly held the record for having the world's shallowest depth at its launch, making many peoples dream of owning a piano a reality.

2013 - PX-5S

The PX-5S, was a lightweight, battery-powered high-performance stage piano which gained renown with professional musicians thanks to its 370 built-in tones.

2019 - PX-S1000

The PX-S1000, once again achieved the title of the world's shallowest depth, introduced features like Bluetooth® Audio for users to play along with their favorite music, combining a sophisticated design with an authentic playing performance to seamlessly harmonize with a range of lifestyles.

2022 - PX-S7000

The PX-S7000, integrated a pedal stand, merging a beautiful design aesthetic visible from any angle, innovative acoustics technology, and authentic key touch, creating a new pinnacle in terms of value.


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