Your performance demands authenticity. It begins at the first touch..

The player’s movement is transformed into music with many important factors. The most tangible factor is the keys.
Celviano Grand Hybrid delivers authenticity from the first touch.
The revolutionary Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is made with high-quality wooden keys. Its mechanism incorporates a hammer action that follows the same path of motion as in a grand piano.

When the lid is lifted, you can see the hammers in motion through a clear panel as you play. Going beyond a standard acoustic mechanism, this action allows faster note repetition than acoustic pianos, while maintaining a true piano touch.

Same mechanical principles as a grand piano including wooden keys that provides distinguished touch and responsiveness.

 Berlin Grand 

A balanced, elegant sound. Ideal for playing impressionistic music. Notable for its clear, ringing tone across the entire range. 

Hamburg Grand

A brilliant, rich sound. Loved by pianists for its wide range of expression. Well suited for various playing styles and genres.

Vienna Grand

Noted for its impressive low range. Great for both soft and vigorous playing with its warm tone. An ideal instrument for music from the classical period.