Number of Keys   88
Key Action   Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard
Key Material   Hybrid of Wood & Plastic 
Touch Response   5 sensitivity levels, off
88-Key Digital Scaling   Yes
Hammer Response   Yes (10 levels, off)
Key Off Response   Yes (3 levels)
Polyphony (maximum)   256
Number of Built-in Tones   350
  Grand Piano Tones 3
  Various Pianos 12
  Classic E. Pianos 1 17
  Classis E. Pianos 2 13
  Other Tones , GM GM 128, Drum 8, Others 169
Tone Modification   Yes
Sound Source   Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR
Layer   Yes
Split   Yes
Acoustic Simulator:    
String Resonance   Yes(10 levels, off)
Damper Resonance   Yes(10 levels, off)
Key Action Noise   Yes(10 levels, off)
Damper Noise   Yes(10 levels, off)
Digital Effects:    
Sound Mode Hall Simulator / Reverb Hall Simulator 8, Reverb 8
Surround 3
Piano Position   4 (Standard, Wall, Center, Table)
Chorus   12
Brilliance   Yes (25 levels)
DSP   Yes (Built-in for some tones + 100 presets, editable)
Mic Effect   Yes (25 types)
Headphone Mode   Yes
Arpeggiator   Yes (50 types)
Lesson Function   Part ON/OFF
Part Select Right hand, Left hand, Both hands
Demo Songs   3
Song Expansion(User Songs)   10
Additional Features:    
Connection to App   Casio Music Space
  Various Pianos Yes
Bluetooth feature   Included:Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor
Bluetooth Version 5.0
  Audio Profile:A2DP, Codec:SBC
  Illumination Mode -
  MIDI Profile: GATT(MIDI over Bluetooth® Low Energy)
MIDI Recorder / Playback   Yes
    2 tracks(1 System track+1 track), 5 song
Approximately 30,000 notes/song
Audio Recorder / Playback   Yes
  USB Memory Max. 99 songs, approximately 25 min/song
Recorder: WAV (Linear PCM, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Stereo)
Playback: WAV (Linear PCM, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Stereo)/MP3
Duet Mode   Yes
Octave Shift   -2 octaves ~ 0 ~ +2 octaves
Metronome   Off, 1 to 9 beats ; tempo range: 20 to 255
  Tempo Marking Setting Yes
  Guide Type Metronome / Drum (20 patterns)
Pedals   Included:SP-3
Optional 3-pedal unit:SP-34
 damper (continuously variable), soft, sostenuto
  Half-Damper Pedal Yes (Optional 3-pedal unit)
Key Transpose   -12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones
Tuning Control   A4 = 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz (0.1Hz unit)
Scale Tuning(Temperament)   Equal temperament + 16 variations
Controller Pitch Bend Wheel Yes
(Left side of keys) Knob 2
  Control Button 1
Operation Lock   Yes
Others   ・Touch button:12(Tone Category Buttons:3)
・Touch Ring
・Registration:96 setups(4 areas x 24 banks)
・Auto Power Off
Display   Full-dot LCD with backlight
MIDI   Yes (GM level 1 compatible,
Using the Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor or USB port B)
Connectivity and Storage:    
PHONES   PHONES:2(Stereo standard 1, Stereo mini 1)
Pedal   1(Expression/Assignable)
Connector for 3-pedal Unit   Yes(SP-34)
LINE OUT   2 L/MONO、R(Standard jack)
MIC IN   Yes (Standard jack)
USB Type A   Yes  (Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor compatible)
USB Type B   Yes
Speaker and Amplifiers:    
Speakers Size [16cm x 8cm(Oval)]x 4
Speaker System 4- Channel /4-Speaker (Spatial Sound System)
Amplifiers   8W x 2 + 8W x 2
(when using batteries) 3W x 2 + 3W x 2 
Power Supply:    
AC Adaptor   AD-E24250LW
Battery Drive   AA-size alkaline/NiMH batteries x 8
  Continuous Battery Life Approximately 4 hours
Dimensions w/o accessories 1,340 x 242 x 102 mm
  w/ (optional/fixed) stand,
 w/o music rest
1,340 x 449 x 740 mm
  w/ (optional/fixed) stand,
 w/music rest
1,340 x 449 x 903 mm
w/o accessories, batteries   15.0kg
w/ (optional/fixed) stand,
 w/music rest, w/o batteries
Compatible Optional Stand   CS-90P
Included Accessories   Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor(WU-BT10),
Pedal(SP-3), Music Stand,
AC Adaptor(AD-E24250LW)
Compatible Soft Case   SC-900P