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Boldly defying convention, the CT-S1000V does what no other keyboard can do: Speak or type your lyrics into the free Lyric Creator app for iOS/Android, transfer them to the CT-S1000V, and play the keys to hear your words come alive. Choose from multiple vocalist models, and adjust age, vibrato, portamento, and other parameters in real-time. It can produce choirs, robotic sounds, vocoder-like textures, and more. You can even create a custom vocalist based on an audio recording.

AiX Sound Source
AiX Sound Source
61 Keys
61 Keys
Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels
Touch Response: 3 Sensitivity Levels
Maximum Polyphony: 48
Maximum Polyphony: 64
600 Built-In Rhythms
800 Built-In Tones 800 + 100 Lyric
195 Built-In Rhythms
243 Built-In Rhythms

Keyboard Number of Keys 61
  Touch Response 3 sensitivity levels, off
Sound Source   AiX
  Polyphony 64
Tones   800 + 100 Lyric
  Advanced Tone 15 + 100 Lyric
  Classic Tone Yes
Layer   3 (Upper1/2, Lower1)
Split   Yes
Sustain   Yes
Portament   Yes
Effects Reverb 24
  Chorus 12
(+ Preset for some tones)
  Delay 15
(+ Preset for some tones)
  DSP 100
  Master EQ 10
Volume sync EQ   Yes
Surround   Yes
Active DSP   Yes
Accompaniment Number of Rhythms 243
  One Touch Preset 240
  Auto Harmonize 12
  User Rhythms 50
  Chord Mode CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2, Fingered On Bass, Fingered Assist, Full Range Chord
  Rhythm Elements Intro, Normal, Normal-Fill, Variation, Variation-Fill, Ending, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop
Sampling Function   Yes
  Sampling Sound Input Audio In (wav)
  Sampling Time 10 sec (Melody) /
3 sec (Drum set)
  Format 44 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo
Vocal Synthesis   Yes
  Lyric Tones 100
  User Lyric Tones TBD(Max. 100)
  Vocalist type 20 + 1 user
  Format 44 kHz, 16 bit, Mono
Metronome   Yes
  Tap Tempo Yes
Arpeggiator   150
  User Songs 10
  Demo Song 1
Registration   4 set x 16 bank
  Freeze Function Yes
My Set Up Function   Yes
Transpose   Yes
Tuning   Yes
Octave Shift   Yes
Scale Setting   Equal temperament + 16 variations
MIDI Recorder   Yes
  Songs 5
  Tracks 5
  Memory Capacity 40,000 notes
(for each song)
LCD   Yes
  Type Full-dot
  Back Light Yes (white)
Connectivity Available APP Chordana Play /
New App
  Bluetooth MIDI & Audio Adaptor Yes (Bundled item)
Pitch Bend Wheel   Yes
Knob   3
General MIDI   Yes
Terminals PHONES / OUTPUT Stereo mini
  LINE OUT Standard x 2
  PEDAL Standard x 2
  AUDIO IN Stereo mini
  USB TO HOST micro B
Strap Pin   Yes
Speakers   (13cm x 6cm) x 2
  Horizontal Bass Reflex Yes
Amplifiers   2.5W + 2.5W
Power Supply   DC 9.5V
AC Adaptor   AD-E95100L
Battery   AA type x 6
Dimensions (mm)   930x258x91
Weight   4.7㎏

The joy of playing a musical instrument for everyone!

CASIO MUSIC SPACE is an app exclusively for Casio digital piano and keyboard users. When connected to your Casio piano or keyboard, the Casio Music Space app acts as digital musical score, a music teacher, a live performance simulator, and as an all-round app to enjoy learning and playing music. It’s for complete beginners, people taking up an instrument again, and anyone who wants to experience a new way of playing. Expand your enjoyment of music by watching, listening, and playing through the app.


Click here to download the application: 

>> Check the App Store/Google Play for compatibility information regarding your smart device model and OS. 
>> Click here for more information on supported models and update notices. 
*Note that not all models support all features of the app. Please see here for details.


Piano Roll

The piano roll makes it easy to see which notes to play even if you don’t read music. It’s a great way to have fun learning while playing.

Practice at Your Own Pace

If the tempo is too fast, slow it down and practice the difficult parts as many times as you need to until you’ve mastered them.

See Your Progress with Scores and Recording

See how well you played with a score automatically calculated by the app, and listen back to your performance with the recording feature.

A Varied Library of Songs to Choose from


The app contains piano songs and keyboard songs for you to practice and play – and you can also use your own MIDI files. Many of the piano songs can also be played on a 61-key keyboard. The difficulty level and your score for each song is displayed in the app’s song list.

Score Viewer

“Musical Score + Sound” lets you see and listen to a wide range of music on your smart device.

Supports Pedal Operation to Flip through Music

You can use the damper pedal or three pedal unit to flip through the score via USB cable or wireless connection - convenient for playing while sight-reading the score.

» Casio keyboards do not support this function. Click here to find out which piano's, Casio pedals can be used to turn pages on. 

*If your piano model does not support page turning, you can alternatively use a commercially available Bluetooth® pedal with your smart device.

Music Player 

Play along with your favorite songs. Connect your smart device and playback songs through the instrument’s speakers. Perfect for creating a session-like atmosphere, accompanying songs, or practicing parts of songs for a band.

Display Your Own Songs in the App

Display a complete list of songs stored on your smart device. Search by song title, artist name, and more.

Play Songs Your Way


Adjust the tempo, change key, repeat play, and cancel melody/accompaniment to suit your playing style.

» The effectiveness of the melody/accompaniment cancellation function varies according to the song.

Live Concert Simulator

Turn everyday playing into an extraordinary experience. Feel the excitement of live performance at home.

The app analyses any performance on a connected instrument or song on a smart device and automatically adds audience sounds according to the excitement of the music. Add a new dimension to your playing with this unique performance experience.

Performance venues

Recreate the atmosphere of various music venues, including the sound of the audience and environmental sounds.

  • Stadium: An expanse of sound in a large-scale outdoor concert with tens of thousands of people
  • Auditorium: The unique sound of a medium-sized, roofed hall
  • Jazz Club: A small venue with an intimate audience
  • Classical Hall: Simulation of a large hall with long reverberation
  • Piano Lounge: A casual space to listen to music and enjoy conversation


A wide variety of environmental sounds and sound effects are used to create the sound of rich natural environments not normally experienced when playing. 

  • Beach: The sound of waves and the occasional seagull
  • River: The gentle murmur of a flowing river with birds singing in a forest
  • Rain: Thunder dramatises the performance based on the intensity of rain


Piano Remote Controller

Change your digital piano’s settings quickly and easily.

Connect your smart device to your digital piano and control various settings remotely without the need to operate the piano itself.

 Easy -to-understand Menu Screen

The icon-based menu makes it easy to identify settings at a glance. Tap the icon to change the corresponding setting.

Set Directly from the Screen

Change the tone to match the mood of a particular song or select one of the built-in songs.

Check Keyboard Settings and Other Details

Displays touch response, metronome beat, tempo and other settings that cannot be checked directly on models without an LCD screen.

Tutorial Video 


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