Mike Farhat Interview | Life with Privia


A Rich Plentiful Lifestyle


Meet Mike Farhat, an artist who goes by the name Art Mobb, who based in the Pacific Palisades of California. Along with his supportive wife, Fawn Farhat, Mike collaborates with a diverse range of professionals from different fields, including athletes, musicians, and fashion brands. His unique artistic style combines elements of both street and fine art, with his main technique involving spray painting onto cut pieces of plexiglass.


While explaining his creative process, Mike shares the following, "I create pieces that blend street and fine art, cutting plexiglass and spraying onto it to add color." Drawing inspiration from music, sports, and social events, Mike emphasizes the integral role that music plays in shaping his artwork.


"When I'm working on pieces, music is always playing. My mother has influenced me a lot, I've been exposed to various genres of music since childhood, making drawing inspiration from music a natural part of how I express myself through art."


The couple has a Privia at their Art Mobb studio, which also serves as their home. While reflecting on his initial experiences with it, Mike expresses that "Privia is more than just a digital piano. I was struck by the slim and cool appearance of it, that’s not like anything else."


Given the constant musical backdrop to his artistic endeavors, Mike frequently utilizes the Bluetooth features. "Many of my friends are successful musicians, and I'm always amazed by the beautiful sound they create when playing on the Privia. I often host guests, so I like to use the Bluetooth feature to play music. It’s a really interesting feature, and the high sound quality helps to create a great atmosphere."


Recent lifestyle changes have also played a role. "We live near a beautiful beach, which makes me reflect on how to best spend the precious time that we have. While I enjoy the excitement of being in bustling city areas and shopping and taking in the sites, lately, I've come to appreciate spending quality time with family and friends, and finding happiness in those small moments. Privia definitely adds a richness to these meaningful times.