Asia Mei Interview | Life with Privia

Like a Delicious Meal, Privia Gives Peace and Tranquility 


Asia Mei is the owner and chef of MOONSHINE 152, a restaurant in the Southie area of South Boston, Massachusetts. Not only is she a fantastic chef, but her winning personality keeps customers coming back day after day.


"People might think I'm a little crazy when I talk about my lifestyle. MOONSHINE 152 has been open for almost nine years now, and I've only taken 2 days away from the restaurant during that time. Obviously, being an owner means there is also paper work that needs taking care of outside business hours, and on weekends we also offer a brunch service as well as dinner.”


Despite the incredibly demanding schedule, Asia attributes much of the restaurant’s success to the dedication of the team she has assembled. “Our team is like a family, we’re all united and work towards the same goal. Bringing out the best of each individuals talent helps us to achieve a positive collective result. I am deeply grateful to every member of our team.”


Along with her trusted team, Asia works hard to create culinary delights that her customers enjoy every day. She feels that cooking and art share a lot of things in common. “I started doing art during the pandemic. I tend to use a lot of color for my drawings, and each color has its own unique meaning that combine together to create a collective image. This is very similar to how great food is made. Having a creative outlet like art has brought a new source of enthusiasm into my life."


With such a busy daily lifestyle, music has become a key method of relaxation for Asia.She spoke about how music has given her time to be herself.


“I used to play the drums, so I’ve always loved music. About a year ago, I thought of playing musical instruments again, and it just came to me to choose the Privia!
The slim and minimalist design not only enhances the experience of playing music, but also adds a sense of positivity and creativity to my life, beyond just the playing aspects.


Asia is also very complimentary of the design of Privia. “I'm a person who is particular about what I have. Not only is the sound and feeling of touch comfortable, but I felt that there is no other instrument that could express stylishness so well. Just like after a delicious meal, the Privia gives me a moment of peace and tranquility.”